Kéa Island: your idyllic and
accurate Hellenic hideaway.

Proving it is possible to build environmentally conscious luxury, on a cliff edge.
One&Only Resorts

Heah & Co.

Kéa Island, Greece
Our Services

• Strategy Consultation
• Technical Feasibility Consultation
• Design Development Imagery
• Accurate 3D Landscape Modelling  
• Accurate 3D Architectural Modelling
• High-end Marketing Collateral

the project.

Located within the stunning Cyclades Islands, Kéa is Greece’s best kept secret: steep mountains, olive groves, vineyards, valleys, picturesque coves and off-the-beaten-track beaches.

It is here that the award winning luxury resort group One&Only are opening their first project in Greece.

Designed by renowned London based architect Heah & Co. and currently under construction, 75 villas and a limited collection of private homes are set across 60 hectares of sheltered western coastline. Perfectly positioned to overlook the coast of Athens, across the azure Aegean Sea.

our mission.

For the client team, minimising the environmental impact of the project was a must. Was it possible to build a luxury haven within the natural terrain? i.e. without blowing up the rocky shore to make away for the development.

narrativ. were initially appointed to help solve this geographical problem. We worked closely with the architects and structural engineering team to determine the optimal building/road/site wide positioning, reducing the impact of construction to a minimum.

Following completion of this study,
we were also tasked with creating a stunning set of marketing images of the development. Celebrating the project’s unique location, finest contemporary comforts and providing a sanctuary for the potential buyer.

the challenge.

Build a bespoke highly detailed, accurate and adaptable 3D model of the entire site for the engineering team to measure and create final drawings. This was to be at a greater level of detail than we would normally require to produce rendered images.

To meet this challenge, our approach to the study needed to be comprehensive, flexible and meticulous.

Utilising laser-scanned topographical assets and continually exchanging information between teams, we modelled and re-modelled every villa, road, path, tree and rock over a 6 month period.

the outcome.

narrativ’s in-house expertise in tackling this exciting and unusual project proved that it was possible to find and develop a sitewide design that respects its environment.

Our approach also resulted in the creation of beautiful and enticing marketing collateral for project sales.

With our detailed model, we had freedom to show the project from any angle. Whether, showcasing the stunning landscape from the air or the calm and serenity from the water’s edge, Kéa Island is an idyllic Hellenic hideaway.